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Eugene Lee

Therapist Locations

BRISBANE QLD - Carindale Home Clinic

86 Linacre Crescent, Carindale

Therapist Availability



Each green segment is a block of time in which the therapist is available for booking.

Click on a green block to be taken to the booking engine and make your booking.  

Times that a therapist is already booked, or is not available, will not appear  within the green blocks of time. 


Therapists keep their online availability up-to-date.

Therapists require a minimum of one hour lead-time.

This means that you will not be able to book a therapist less than one hour in advance.

General Availability

MONDAY - 5pm to 10pm

TUESDAY - 5pm to 10pm

WEDNESDAY - 5pm to 10pm

THURSDAY - 5pm to 10pm
FRIDAY - 5pm to 10pm

SATURDAY - 10am to 10pm

SUNDAY - 10am to 10pm

Session Offerings


Sensual BodyWork
Power Tantra BodyWork

Therapist Profile

Eugene Lee

Eugene is our resident fashionista and amazingly talented chef.  He pushes the regular boundaries of fashion, cooking and massage to bring you new, exciting and provocative ideas!  With an amazing tool kit of massage and tantra skills, you will not want to miss booking a session with Eugene.  His two main massage offerings are Sensual BodyWork and Tantra.  As a new therapist to GHA we are still working on bringing his Tantra online... but he will use his Tantra to help you explore your boundaries by use of bedroom toys and silk rope binding, combined with his fantastic massage skills!  


Contact Therapist


0481 135 745



These are business contact details, not personal contact details.

This therapist uses a virtual assistant who answers all communications via both email and mobile.

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