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We have several different offerings when it comes to massage, with our main offerings revolving around Remedial Massage, Sensual BodyWork, and Tantra BodyWork.

As therapists undertake on-going training, they bring new skills, new techniques and new styles of massage to their repertoire.  Keep an eye out for seasonal and monthly promotions as these are often styles of massage that aren't usually on offer on a permanent basis, or styles that therapists are promoting to 'test the waters'!

Jei Li'Rann and Az Collins offer Massage and BodyWork sessions in North Melbourne.

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This style of Massage is ideal for sore and aching muscles, working out those annoying knots, and easing tight and stressed muscles.  Your therapist may use many differerent styles of massage technique which may include stretching, the use of massage tools and devices, and essential oils.  Remedial is also great to ease aches and pains after a gym session!


Lay back, chill out, and be treated to a relaxation session that is sensual but non-sexual. Your therapist will use smooth, gliding motions that are gentle but firm enough to be satisfying as your cares melt away under expert hands. Your treatment may include stretching and the use of liniments, massage tools and essential oils.


This type of BodyWork builds sexual energy through the use of body positioning and posturing, breath-work, the use of touch circuits, sensual body contact, and other tantra concepts both suggestive and insinuated to build an intimate personal story that is individual to every client.  Every therapist works within the strengths of their own personalities and personal interest and focus to bring a different facet of Tantra to their client.

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A Manscape is a trim of the thatch around your shaft, a shave of your balls and the base of your shaft, and a shave of your butt cleft... if you need it may also include clippering your butt cheeks.


Make your manhood appear bigger, and make yourself feel more confident!After your Manscape, jump in the shower to rinse off and then back onto the table for a massage.


Choose from Remedial, Sensual, or Tantra in either 60 Mins or

90 Mins length.

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