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Welcome to Gay Health Australia in Melbourne!

This is the Home Clinic for Jei Li'Rann and Az Collins, who provide male-to-male Massage Sessions, Stretching, Body Grooming, Barbering, Sex Therapy, Phytomedicine, and Workshop sessions in North Melbourne.

Jei and Az provide sessions by appointment only, Mon to Sun, over 24 hours..
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We provide a range of Massage options, from Remedial to Sensual to Tantra.  Remedial is perfect for helping to fix your aches and pains.  Sensual is your go-to for a relaxation massage with a sensual flavour.  Tantra is a big step up from a Sensual, and is a very intimate massage-based session.  You can even try a combination of 2, 3 or 4 or our Massage and Stretching options

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Facilitated Stretching is a hands-on mode of stretching that can help you to regain and maintain both flexibility and range-of-movement.  Some of the movements and postures are similar to Yoga, and are also ones used by Physios, Chiros and Massage Therapists to help bring better health to your body.  You can get a one-on-one session, combine Stretching with Massage, or even attend a small Group Class. 

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Phytomedicine is also known as Plant Medicine, or Herbal Medicine.  We base our practice on traditional empyrical knowledge, as well as science-based knowledge gained through scientific trials.  Phytomedicine is a great natural way to treat and manage on-going illness or health problems.  It may involve the use of Plant Therapies such as Herbal Extracts or Capsules, Topical Treatments in the form of Creams or Lotions, and Nutritional and Supplement Advice. 

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Sex Therapy

Using a Holistic Approach incorporating Phytomedicine, Massage, Tantra, Stretching, Nutrition and more, we look at both the mental and physical aspects involved with you individually when it comes to Sex Therapy.  Whatever topic you wish to cover, whatever you want to learn about yourself and your body, whatever part of your sex life you wish to discuss, we will listen and help you find a solution that works for you.  Your session does have a physical component, and you will discuss boundaries with your therapist.

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We have a range of workshops that you can take 1-on-1, or as a small group.  These workshops are aimed at showing you how you can be more eco-friendly and how to reduce the amounts of chemicals in your life.  Ranging from making beeswax wraps to learning how to make basic medicines that work, these workshops are easy and fun!

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Body Grooming

Body Grooming can comes in several forms:  Clippering, Shaving and Waxing.  We also have a separate and very popular session we call Manscaping.  Whether you want to maintain your body hair to feel good about yourself, or if you have an event you are attending where you need to look your best... we can help you.  Did you know that if you remove or trim the hair on your body, that it creates more skin to skin contact when you have a massage?  Book a Body Grooming Session and follow it up with a Massage Session, and check it out for yourself!

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We have a qualified Hair Stylist who can work with you to give you the cut and the look that you are after.  You can even choose to book a session where both yourself and Stylist can be textile free. You can even get all the hair washed off you in the shower afterward by your Stylist with a Shower Package.  While you're in the Home Clinic, why not book a Body Grooming or Massage Session to go with your Hair Cut?

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