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Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend... our favourite masseur, Cint, has been training his delightful butt off with new Deep Tissue techniques that he will be bringing to your Remedial Massage Sessions very soon ;-)


Every Monday night:

7pm - Partnered Tantric Stretch

8pm - Swingers Tantric Stretch


Every Thursday night:

630pm - Solo Stretch

730pm - Partnered Tantric Stretch

830pm - Swingers Tantric Stretch

If you are unsure about doing any form of partnered stretching naked, then try the Solo Stretch Class... everybody does the same move, there are no physical interactions with other students, and Jei will periodically walk around the class and adjust you as needed. PARTNERED TANTRIC STRETCH...

Bring your own partner, or you will be paired with whoever else rocks up without a partner. In this class you will remain with your partner for the entire class. Ask to join the Gay Health Brisbane group messenger chat if you are looking for a partner for class... you can talk and interact with all the guys there!


You don't need your own partner cos you will be swapping partners every move.

Tantric Stretch can be naughty, and it can be 'in your face'... literally! Just remember that we all have different boundaries and a DOUBLE TAP anywhere on your partner's body is a request for them to back off a little bit. Respect each other and keep our safe space SAFE :-)

REMEMBER to book your spot in class so we know who is coming! Classes are limited to a max of 12 guys, and as this latest wave of covid buggers off once again and numbers stabilise again, classes will be full. We have squeezed 17 guys into class once due to guys turning up without booking... we love the enthusiasm, but we just don't have the space!

We had a great NAKED CAMP last time, so now it's time to do it again!! This time I will have a schedule up with some activities, Traffic Light Flags for your tent or camper, group dinner and more :-) We will bring back the wood fired pizzas in the outdoor oven again... but we won't make as much dough this time!!!!

For those of you who attended last time, you know we had so much dough we could have built a life-size dough man lol. Keep an eye out, I will event this on the Gay Health Brisbane facebook page. I'll post up the plans we have for the weekend :-) I'll also add it to the event page on the website... which as we all know I started and then haven't used lol.


As I've been getting more requests for Grooming, I've decided to turn the most common request - a Manscape - into a combo with massage! You can now book a Manscape + 60 Mins Massage, or a Manscape + 90 Mins Massage... when you book you pick which type of massage you want: Remedial, Sensual Relaxation or Tantric. Manscape + Massage Sessions DON'T have a buffer built in at the end, so any following session will run back-to-back.

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