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Recovery Capsules

A blend of 6 powdered herbs that may aid in recovery from physical exertions such as from a gym workout, playing sport, or even a weekend spent in the garden!  Recovery caps are a product that we give to our Remedial Massage clients to help them to have less aches and pains after their massage session.

As a supplement to help recovery after a gym workout, this blend of powdered herbs may act as a gentle anti-inflammatory and analgesic to reduce the severity of DOMS post work-out.  Reducing DOMS allows for quicker recovery and the ability to push harder in gym workouts.

Available in a jar of 30 Caps or 60 Caps.


Powdered Herbs of:  Camellia sinensis, Curcuma longa, Harpogophytum procumbens,

Salix alba (Bark), Rosmarinus officinalis, Zingiber officinale.

The capsules are gelatine and contain animal products.


This blend of powdered herbs has several different actions on the body and uses a holistic approach to aid the body in recovering from physical exertions that damage the muscle.  The main action is as an anti-inflammatory, but additional actions include mild analgesic, antispasmodic, and stimulant to both the nervous system and circulatory system.

These actions work together to bring greater blood flow to muscle, reduce the inflammation which occurs due to damaged muscle, increases the responses of nerves, and also inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandin.  Greater blood flow allows more of the body's building blocks to the damaged tissue for repair, and also increases the removal of detritus produced by muscle damage.  Increasing nerve response aids in strengthening muscle response and may aid in reducing muscle cramps.  The inhibition of protaglandin synthesis works to both reduce sensation of aches and pains, and to also reduce the inflammatory response.


As with any herbal medicine you should always take as directed by your health practitioner.


This herbal blend is gentle but effective, and can be used on-demand after physical activities that damage msucle tissue such as a gym workout, a weekend in the garden, or a remedial massage.  This blend can also be used on a regular basis as part of a workout routine at the gym, where the routine consists of three or more workouts in a week.


As a general guide, take 2 caps directly following a gym workout.



As a general guide, for one off physical activities such as a weekend gardening, a remedial massage or similar, take 2 caps directly after the activity, another 2 caps 3 hours later, and a final 2 caps another 3 hours later.


All our bodies are different.  Our diets, activities, level of health and how our systems interact

and work together are all individual and unique.  You may find that you personally can take a smaller dose, or need to take a larger dose.  Pay attention to your body and your responses, and always continue to consult

with your health practitioner.


Harpogophytum procumbens 


Zingiber officinale 

curcuma longa.jpeg

Curcuma longa


Rosmarinus officinalis


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