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Ascot Clinic


We have a growing team of therapists who work for themselves in a co-operative endeavour under the Gay Health Australia banner, and are always happy to talk to other therapists about joining the family.

All the therapists in the GHA Team have different availabilities and different areas in which they specialise.

The Ascot Clinic is the home clinic for Rob Parmenter.
Rob #2_edited.jpg

Rob Parmenter

Rob is our resident silver fox muscled daddy with gentle but strong hands that are perfect for Remedial Massage.  His passion for yoga has seen him create Broga Group Classes where you can be in awe at how such a big muscled man can be so flexible!  His patience and gentle easy nature, coupled with his ready cheeky grin, make you feel comfortable even if you're a beginner at Broga.  Rob's focus on easing tight and aching muscles, and helping you to regain and maintain flexiblity and joint health, are an integral part of his massage practice.  His specialty that is unique to him as part of the GHB Team is Kahuna Massage.  If you've never tried Kahuna then you don't know what you're missing out on!

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